Katie’s Baseball Tradition


We met Katie and her 13 year old brother Tyler in November 2014 when their mom enrolled them in the Tradition Program.

Katie spoke excitedly about going to Atlanta Braves games with her dad, telling us that they would usually sit “way up high” and dad would cheer VERY loud. (One time, he cheered so loud that the whole stadium got quiet!).  Katie also told us about one of her favorite “Braves” memories – speaking in front of the Atlanta Regional Commission. Doug Evans from Fox Atlanta did this story: “Girl, 8, pleads for Braves to stay in downtown Atlanta”  It is incredibly special to see Katie and her dad talking about their daddy-daughter tradition.

Family Lives On will fulfill Katie’s first Atlanta Braves Tradition this spring on May 24th. And we will do this every year until Katie (and Tyler) turn 18.

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The Tradition Program is grounded in research and a number of clinically identified needs in bereaved children. Traditions provide a more natural context for communication and connection, and help children to maintain a healthy emotional bond.  Here’s how it works.

If you know a family whose mother or father has died, please encourage them to enroll here.

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