#WCW – The Smart Girls Who #GiveGriefWords

Whats your grief

Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams are the founders and creative geniuses behind www.whatsyourgrief.com – this week’s Women Crush Wednesday!

Here’s just a few reasons we’re huge fans:

  1. Work with grieving families.Their day jobs were, and still primarily are, working with and providing bereavement support for donor families and the painful decision making process within in organ procurement organizations.
  1. Created a website WhatsYourGriefAfter each experienced the death of a parent, they sought support and information on the Internet but “we both found very little support, and then as we moved into the professional world of supporting grievers, we continued to recognize how limited the resources were for 20- and 30-somethings who were grieving. ” “We started our site when we were both 30-ish, and a huge focus was to make sure it was relatable to younger grievers.”
  1. Graciously generous with content. Their creative content is now shared by hundreds of organizations to promote awareness and provide tremendously helpful information about death, grief, loss and trauma. This has immeasurable value and is NOT a feasible expense for many under-resourced support groups or centers. 95% of their creative content and thoughtful posts are provided at no cost. (Two small publications are available at a minimal fee.)
  1. Non Profit and Pro Bono work. They work with the homeless and population living below the poverty line. The trainings and seminars for the underserved are impactful and therapeutic.This link shares the references shared at a national conference about their work with the homeless population. Here’s a creative prezi they made to support the verbal presentation.
  1. Shared learning. They have, at their own expense, attended national conferences and symposiums sharing their data in presentations:
    • Substance Abuse and Grief (Substance Abuse as a Negative Coping Behavior)
    • Grief & Loss Below the Poverty Line
    • Growing Your Reach Online: Using the Internet to Expand YourGrief Practice

And, the really creative hashtag #WouldHaveLovedThis to share how we remember our loved one and keep their memories alive with little, everyday things.

So, from all of us here at Family Lives On, we are so grateful for your creativity and passion! TYFBA – Thank You For Being Awesome!

PS – We think Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party should know about these Smart Girls. If you agree, tweet “Meet the women who #GiveGriefWords @smrtgrls @whatsyourgrief #smartgirls”

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